Our Story

HipAndGreen is an eco-friendly webshop for kids aged 0 to 10 years. In our collection are also accessories and decorations to complete the look. We want to prove that it is possible to be stylish and hip whilst respecting others and our environment at the same time.

Eco Friendly & Fair Trade


We only choose those brands which are eco-friendly and which respect Mankind and Nature. From the materials used in the products themselves to those used in packaging and transport – we try to make the whole process as robust as possible. Ordering online, durable packaging materials and a delivery service all serve to limit the impact on the environment as much as possible.


green-footprintAs far as style is concerned, we choose clothing that children can feel good in: the design, patterns and materials. The fit of the clothes is equally as important as the “fun factor”. We want our children to dress stylishly and hip, and you can see this on the patterns and designs in our collection.

Durability & Quality

green-footprintThe clothing, accessories and toys must also be durable. This way they can be passed on and re-used. Our products must therefore be of a high quality which leave them beautiful and wearable wash after wash.

We provide a personal customer service and we do our utmost to deliver you the order you made accurately and as quick as we can and to help you with any other concerns you might have.


HipAndGreen Vision

HipAndGreen was created out of idealism and opportunity. When looking to buy an outfit for our kids that was both stylish and ecofriendly about two years ago, we had a really difficult experience finding what we really liked. It seems we had to choose between either stylish or eco-friendly but we wanted both. We found that other parents had the same experience and that’s when we started thinking about creating our own webshop. We wanted a boutique where people could shop and be delighted with the style. Where customers could be sure that all the items in the shop are made by workers who produce in good working conditions and where people know that all the items are also ecofriendly. We wanted to make shopping at our boutique a no-brainer because you can be sure that everything is sustainable, eco-friendly & fair trade but still original, hip & trendy. So we got to work.

We hope you can agree with the vision we have for the shop and wish you an enjoyable shopping experience at HipAndGreen.