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Lion of Leisure spikey shirt

Lion of Leisure spikey shirt

It’s July 2013 and Saskia is fed up with working for a company that thrives on making profits and deadlines but no quality. Driven by a dream, filled with a passion and overcome with an eagerness to create something; she resigns.

Her partner Matthew has been working as a freelance graphic designer for a while now and excels at drawing animals and graphics for print. Combined they have 40 years of experience with fashion for children and they share the dream to create something valuable.

Matthew draws a lazy lion, cute, humorous, funny: everything their brand would eventually come to be. With no plan in mind, only the need to create something different and unique, they start their own organic clothing line for children: Lion of Leisure.

The idea is simple: no set seasons, a small scale production and 1 style that extends through the whole collection. They manage the printing on their own, every piece of clothing is hand-printed with his own design by Matthew on ecological and fair-trade products. It eventually leads to these one-off a kind playsuits and t-shirts (now even up to 14 years!) in our webshop.



Lion of Leisure: a humerous sustainable story

Lion of Leisure tiger shirt

Lion of Leisure tiger shirt

Three years after the launch, their products are sold in 21 countries. The concept remains the same but the collection has expanded with warm sweaters and rompers for babies.

Matthew still draws every animal himself, believing firmly in the fact that animals are the ideal way to bring humor into the collection. Being born in Wales himself, his British humor is clearly present in every piece by Lion of Leisure. Above all, animal designs are unisex, which is important to both Matthew and Saskia.

But like every father knows, Matthew’s humor is not always fully appreciated by his two teenage daughters. That’s why they are his ultimate test audience. If they don’t like the design or their father’s joke, the graphic gets thrown out! After all, the kids are the target audience, not their parents.

Lion of Leisure lion shirt

Lion of Leisure lion shirt

Aside from the humorous aspect, the quality of the products is equally important. Their T-shirts are produced in Turkey, Greece, Bangladesh and India (depending on the type of fabric), manufactured out of local organic cotton (GOTS certified).


Not only are all their products made from GOTS certified organic cotton, even the ink that’s used to print is water-based and biodegradable. By fixing the ink with heat, Matthew and Saskia are able to guarantee that the drawing doesn’t fade and the quality of their clothing pieces remain superb after multiple rounds in the dryer.

The most loved-on shirt is this ‘pleased to eat you’ Dino t-shirt. It’s been in the collection for years and still appeals to a lot of customers. Which is funny, since Saskia and Matthew do their best to promote the lions. More specifically these 33 lions that were rescued from the circus in Peru and Colombia. Read more about the cause and their adopted lion Ricardo here.

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