At last we did it: we wrote our first blog! (hip hip hurray for ourselves!)

One year after the opening of the webshop, it was about time to start blogging. With our blogs, we want to give more information on the brands we sell and on their sustainability. A ‘behind the scenes’ of the production of all our cool kids’ wear and accessories. But that will not be all, of course. There is so much to write about! Our name is HipAndGreen for a reason: we aim for hip and we aim for green. So we will write blogs both on ‘fashion’ and on ‘green’. We are convinced that more and more people want to know where their clothes come from and what the impact of their choices is on the environment and society. And that’s what we want to write about.

Luckily there are two of us writing these blogs :-). Floor will write most of the blogs. She’s a mother of two blonde curly heads, fisheries consultant and she moved from the Netherlands to France in 2015. Anouk will also be writing along: she’s a mother of three little monsters, ex-military and webshop keeper.

We’ll soon be back with more!

The HipAndGreen Blog Team,

Floor and Anouk




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